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A shape intermediate between a square and a circle.

Basic Shape

It is a square with rounded corners which is vividly different to a rounded square due to the presence of complex curves. A squircle also resembles an ellipse but with a different overall shape.



It is the mathematical statement that represents a squircle.

In the equation of a superellipse, |x/a|n + |y/b|n = 1, when the values are: n=4 and a=b=1,

We get the equation of a squircle as:

x4 + y4 = 1,where (xy) are the set of two points on the curve

Uses and Applications

  • In optics, when the light is passed through a two-dimensional square aperture, the central spot in the diffraction pattern can be closely modeled by a squircle
  • Constructing the shapes of dinner plates which provides greater surface area than circular ones with the same radius
  • Constructing a touchpad button in many Nokia phones
  • Italian car manufacturer – Fiat used numerous squircles in the interior and exterior design of the third generation model – Panda
  • Apple Inc. uses a shape that resembles a squircle in its iOS mobile operating system as the shape of app icons,
  • One of the shapes for adaptive icons available in the Android ‘Oreo’ operating system, used in mobile phones, is a squircle.
  • It was used at Sergels Torg in the heart of Stockholm, which provides maximum space for the traffic flow within a constrained space

Last modified on August 3rd, 2023

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