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Straight Angle

What is a Straight Angle

A straight angle, also known as a 180-degree angle, is defined as an angle that measures exactly 180°. It forms a straight line whose arms lie in opposite directions from the vertex. It is thus also called ‘flat angle’ and is represented using the symbol π (pie).

Straight 180 Degree Angle

A few more examples of straight angle are shown below:

Examples of Straight Angle

Straight Angles in Real Life

  • Hands of a clock showing 6’ o clock
  • Corner of an inclined plane of a staircase
  • The angle in a see-saw

Facts to Remember

A straight angle:

  • Can be formed by rotating one arm of an angle by 180° with respect to the other
  • Can be formed by joining two right angles
  • Measures exactly half of a revolution

Which of the following options given in the clock timing forms a straight angle?


As we know,
Straight angles are angles that measure 180°
Hence, option (d) is a straight angle

Last modified on August 3rd, 2023

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